Coronavirus Precautions And Advice

Please Read, Regardless Of Whether You’re Donating Or Receiving.

  • Double bag all items before donating to an individual. The outer bag should be used just before the items are collected.
  • Please always ensure you are contactless when delivering, or if someone is collecting from your home. We recommend leaving bags outside your home. This avoids face-to-face contact as well as touching door handles etc if items are in a porch for example.
  • Gel your hands immediately after collecting.- dispose (responsibly) of the outer bag, before putting it in your car, house, buggy, then gel your hands. Even turning the bag inside out until you find a bin/recycling, is better than not removing the outer bag. I
  • If you’re donating toys or equipment, please clean them with disinfectant, before bagging them.
  • If you’re donating clothes, please bag them, with the first bag, at least 3 days before they’re collected or delivered. This ensures that any contamination has died off.
  • On collecting, once home, please wash all clothes, teddies, bedding, etc, straight away or store them for a minimum of 3 days.
  • When putting clothes into the machine, try not to handle them. Instead, push the clothes, etc, directly from the bag to the machine. Wash your hands afterwards.
  • Please disinfect items that cannot be washed, as soon as you get home or store them for 3 days. This is because the donator may not have managed to carry this out, for numerous reasons, such as accessing disinfectant.
  • As an aside, please always check the safety of all items received, including from the baby bank. Buttons, catches, and toys are routinely checked in the baby bank, but it’s your responsibility to ensure they are still safe and appropriate for your child to use. Thanks, everyone. All questions and concerns are always welcome. Hopefully, if we all carry out the above, we can all keep supporting each other. Take care everyone, Rachel
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